Transport Bourassa

"Our outing to Cirque du Soleil allowed us to share a special moment with our employees and, especially, to solidify the relationships between them."

Marilyn Bourassa
Director, Customer Service, Transport Bourassa
Strengthen the Sense of Belonging

Transport Bourassa employs over 400 people. Many of these work daily on the road, so the contacts between colleagues and with management vary from one employee to the other. In light of this, the company organized a group outing to Cirque du Soleil to solidify the bonds between employees. Transport Bourassa chose an event under the Big Top, because the company felt it was important to offer its team high-quality entertainment to increase each employee’s pride to work for a successful employer.

Delighted Participants

For the first activity of this kind, the company purchased a batch of 100 tickets, which were then offered to its resources at very low prices. Five minutes after officially going on sale, all the tickets were sold! All in all, the participants—many who were there for the first time—loved their experience at Cirque du Soleil! Exchanges between colleagues have been flourishing and enriching and, as hoped, the teams are closer than ever. 

Do It Again, Only Better

Transport Bourassa has every intention of organizing another employee outing to Cirque du Soleil the next time the show is in the region. Better still, management may well opt for a turnkey package to enable all the participants to get together before the show and during the intermission, with refreshments being served. An even better way to express gratitude to its valuable professional resources!