Tourism Montreal

"We enjoyed a turnkey service in an exceptional environment: our guests were treated to an incredible meal and performance and, at the same time, had the opportunity to do some networking."

Patrizia Dri
Patrizia Dri
Director - Media, Leisure Market and Services to Members, Tourism Montreal
Mission Accomplished

In April, 2016, Tourism Montreal organized the Rendez-Vous Canada Convention in Montreal. Its mission: to showcase Montreal’s effervescence and creativity to people of different languages and cultures. The objective was twofold: to give delegates the opportunity to do some quality networking; and to give them a powerful and moving experience. The idea of organizing a private evening under the Cirque du Soleil’s Big Top fit the bill perfectly. The guests were thrilled at having the show performed exclusively for them alone. All of them, without exception, were awestruck by this incredible evening.

A Lasting Impression on Guests

This event had a very strong positive effect on Tourism Montreal. The organization made quite an impression with its choice of original activity, which enabled it to highlight the talent of the artists and craftsmen of the region it promotes. The reception before the show and the coffee break during the intermission allowed the delegates at the Canadian Convention to engage in some creative and productive networking sessions. All of which goes to prove that organizing an event at Cirque du Soleil is the best way to ensure its optimal success!

Collaboration and Flexibility: Key to Organization

From the outset, the relationship with the Cirque du Soleil events team was friendly and flexible. Organizing a private performance made it possible for Tourism Montreal to adapt the evening to its specific needs, in particular with respect to the logistics, the running of the show and the meal.