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Credit: Eiko Ishioka

The Cirque du Soleil contemporary art collection

Cirque du Soleil has built a sizeable collection of contemporary works of art comprising a few hundred pieces. Widely renowned Canadian artists (Jean-Paul Riopelle, Armand Vaillancourt, Guido Molinari), emerging talents (Marc Séguin, Manuel Bujold, Dominic Besner) and other artists on the international scene make up the dynamic and daring collection, which is on display in all areas where employees work.

The Cirque du Soleil costume collection

As a testimonial to the contributions of its many designers and craftspeople, Cirque du Soleil preserves the memory of its shows by conserving its costume collection. A copy of each costume created by Cirque du Soleil is faithfully conserved, and a host of objects are also archived to bear witness to the numerous creative endeavors emerging from Cirque du Soleil’s workshops.

There is much to be gained from sharing and raising awareness of this rich collection. For projects that relate to the organization, Cirque du Soleil joins forces with museums and other agencies to mount exhibitions. Thanks to exchanges of expertise, Cirque also participates in museology and conservation conferences.

In 2009, as part of celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the company, Cirque du Soleil designed the exhibition Dream Weavers – Costumes by Cirque du Soleil which pays tribute to the work of costumes workshops artisans.

Credit: Dominique Lemieux
Credit: Rafael Sottolichio
Credit: Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt
Credit: Sophia DeFrancesca
Credit: Dominique Lemieux
Credit: Yves Médam
Credit: Jean-Sébastien Denis